Development and Monitoring Division

The division is an independent structural unit of the Agency and reports directly to the Director. 

Key Tasks and Functions of the Division


  • Developing new rural areas development programs under the strategies of the Government, the Ministries of Agriculture, Territorial Administration and Economics; searching for implementing partners and funding sources;
  • Keeping up with initiatives and programs implemented by international organizations operating in Armenia, looking for possible cooperation and in order to avoid duplication;
  • Keeping up with innovations, studying international practice, new technologies and developments, introducing them in the Agency's projects, particularly in the rural development sector;
  • Reviewing grant proposals from international organizations, submission of grant proposals and development of implementation plans if possible; compiling a list of organizations operating in Armenia offering grant resources, establishing direct contacts with them, creating a database on such organizations and their proposals in the current year; actively keeping in touch with key partners, particularly the relevant departments of IFAD, DANIDA and OFID; developing sound programs and applying for grant funding;
  • Studying women's participation in the existing programs; ensuring equality or developing special programs to attract women.

For more, see Document REG551-10

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