North West agricultural services project

2. North West Agricultural Services Project


Shirak, Aragatsotn and Lori marzes are among the most vulnerable regions of Armenia. For this reason, IFAD extended its investment in these three marzes, aiming to contribute to the improvement of living standards and food security of the rural population. Project investments were directed to the promotion of private production, specifically, seed production and livestock sector.

Rehabilitation/construction of irrigation network was implemented as well, which led to about 7000 hectares of land being irrigated again. Support was provided to water users associations so that they were able to fully manage internal irrigation systems. Through ACBA, short-term loans were provided under the project to around 10,000 farmers who were members of village associations of the communities involved in the project.


Loan                       # - I-561-AM 
Total project cost     USD 20.4 million

IFAD loan                USD 15.5 million 
Effective from          26/04/2001

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